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Welcome to the official website of the StoneLineDevelopmentTeam. We are making games currently using Java ! The StoneLineDevTeam has been created by Yuri6037. We are game developpers. This website is currently not finished... I'm working hard on realising this website ! Hope you found it good...

SLDT's Home News

By Yuri6037

GameEngine V4 Released !

Also, enough, I got SLDT's GameEngine V4 to work.

At the program of this new version :
  • Network
  • Scripts
  • Optimizations
  • Fixed memory leak when using theGame.updateGameDisplay
  • Fixed many bugs related to displays
  • Upgraded RenderEngine & FontRenderer

So after this, i got terrible news to relate you...
So you know, I'm using IntelliJ IDEA to develop my Java programs. Well, last day, while developping BrickBroken[2], I reached a big problem...
The IDE won't compile ! Strange !? Yes, sure. I never, in the past, got such problems. But now, some classes of BrickBroken[2] won't recompile after code change.
So it causes game to crash because of not found method in a not-recompiled class.

I'm now searching for a new IDE that will compile the code.

Anyway, the second and last bad news is that the website's GameEngine news system is broken again !
Indead, it seams that Linux dedicated server doesn't like News systems, because on LocalHost everything works fine.


By Yuri6037

New version !

The website has just updated !

You will now be able to see so many new features just for you :
  • Remade CSS
  • Corrected a little XHTML
  • Added TinyMCE 4.0 as text editor
  • Added modify tool to news managers and game manager
  • Special chars now allowed on news or even games pages
  • Fixed slider did not start automaticaly
  • Remade old menu
  • Changed some fonts
  • Added header image
  • Added GameEngine news manager
  • Added website for SLDT's GameEngine
  • Fixed moderator chat doesn't refresh
  • Changed some images
  • Added profile editor page
  • Added profile's Avatar changer tool
Like you can see, so many new features were added to this version of the website. Hope you will like it !


By Yuri6037

Old website unmount

The old website (http://stonelins.fr) has been marked for deletion, and the unmount of the data has began.
This old website will end at the end of it's current facture.

Thanks for understanding,

By Yuri6037

Welcome to SLDT !

Welcome to the new hoster of SLDT !
We are happy to see that everything has been setted up as quickly as that !
Indead, everything is back up...

We are happy to say you, we're providing again a different way to see everything we've made.

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